About Us

About Criterion Businessmen Services


Partnering with global clients and mastering the art of local immersion

Headquartered in the heart of Dubai, Criterion Businessmen Servicescombines business process expertise, local knowledge, and passion for client satisfaction to meet your goals. Our collaborative workforce helps the fastest growing companies in the Gulf and in the world penetrate UAE’s rich business industry.

Business Process Expertise

Criterion Businessmen Services enables global enterprises to build their business in Dubai or anywhere in UAE as efficient and as cost-effective as possible. We provide sound advice and transparently present to our clients the timeline of business registration. While our clients are busy preparing for operations jumpstart, Criterion does the rest of the pre-operation requirements.

Local Knowledge

We welcome businesses to their new home and introduce them to a wide range of options for the company. From location sourcing to consulting, Criterion Businessmen Services has reliable network to cater to our clients’ needs.

Client Satisfaction

We don’t stop until our clients are satisfied. Seeing our clients succeed in UAE market is our pride.

Job Opportunities

What do you want in a job? Do you want more than a paycheck? At Criterion Businessmen Services, you can discover potential you didn't know you had, push your limits, turn your ideas into reality and make a real impact on the industry. Just imagine what you could create.



Effective Project Organization


Depending on project - specific characteristics, we propose a flexible engagement model.


Quality Management System
We realize the paramount importance of quality assurance program.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to be the corporate solutions provider of choice through our cohesive and measurable results clients are constantly looking for. Our values are firmly rooted on cost transparency, realistic procedures and timelines; creative business strategies that will launch and strengthen the business; end-to-end support which will smartly assist the client in overcoming business challenges that may come along the way. Whether it’s a simple visa processing to labor or immigration issues, you’re assured that it’s a task that we don’t take lightly.